Cantina Ranchera


La “Cantina Ranchera” is a tex-mex restaurant born on 2014 under Riccardo’s & Alessandra supervising a murried couple well trained working more than 20 years in restaurant business proposing an alternative solution to the tradicional food producing a modern style of mexican and american cousine mixed with an italian eating conception. It’s an informal and easy place where multicultural customers aged from 10 to 70 could benefit about the meal beers or wine in a quite and warm ambient very close to the seaside choosing between the outside summertime pathio or a inside restaurant table we offer a real good menu choice starting from the classic apetizers like tostaditos y guacamole, nachos, chicken bandidos, chilipitas, frijoles across rices, salads, barbecues with corn on the cobs, chile,burritos,tacos, enchiladas, without negletin fish specialites including gluten free as maize tortillas and certificated french fries cooked in one and only oil we have a wide choice of original dessert too: ice cream cups, cheese cake, churros, fruit salad assembling to the most famouse cocktails or tequilas. For the wine gourmets we dispose of an international cantina with different white, red and rose choice etiquettes coming from chile, south africa, new zeland, spain and naturally from italy and wonderful wines from our beautiful island so what are you waiting for? Come and visit us to the cantina ranchera restaurant and you will enjoy a real different way of eating!